Why Hotels Use White Linen??

Ever wondered that why hotels use white linens??? ... Well here are some interesting insights..

  1. Easy to Wash

Hotel Linen is washed daily to ensure customers have a pleasant experience. They are easy to wash because the hotel can just bleach them on very high temperature settings. There are no changes of colors running or fading or fabrics getting damaged. With the hot water and bleach treatment all white hotel luxury linens will come up looking like new.

  1. Match Everything

One of the reasons why hotels use white linen is that white is a neutral color; hence they match everything in the room. If hotels use bed linens of any color they will need to make sure they match the décor of the room. On the other hand, white hotel luxury linens will remain everlasting and match any decor of the room.

  1. Neat & Clean

When guests enter a hotel room, they expect it to be as neat and clean as possible. If hotels use dark color linens, it will becomes difficult for them to check out stains and dirt and also it give an impressive that hotel is not serious about the cleanliness. By using white linen, hotels can easily make sure the linen is neat and clean because even a tiny stain or dirt is clearly visible on white fabric.

Category: Hotel Linen
Date: 17-04-2016